Picture This : Featuring Artist Oliver Merrington

The original idea for this painting, which is part of a series, started with images of polluted skies and landscapes blacked by industrial waste. The bright colours of chemicals being poured into rivers and streams for example.

  When I start painting, I have these images in my head, that evolve very quickly and become something quite different. A concentration of colour combinations, lines and shapes begin to form.

The original idea that I had has almost vanished.

  Mark making is a really important part of my painting process. Texture, juxtaposition of colours and fluidity of the paint, is as equally important. The use of household paint, pigments, linseed oil, drying agents, commercial oil paint and oil sticks all play an important role.

 Born in London on July 14 1965, I’m a Franco-British citizen. I became interested in the visual arts at a very early age and was influenced by my father, who studied at the Slade and became one of the directors of Agnews Gallery.

  Having graduated from Saint Martins School of Art, I got the travel bug, spending much time in Greece, Italy, New York and South Africa. I then pursued a career in design and fashion, and continued with my personal work based on painting, drawing and photography.

 I am greatly influenced by American abstract Expressionism and German Expressionism in particular Georg Baselitz. I now try to express myself in a similar way to restore my vision of our fragmented world.

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