Picture This : Australian artist, Daryl Austin, presents his latest work

Veiled Monument, Tarndanyangga 2022. Oil on wood panel. 61 X 76cm (H X W)

“Veiled monument, Tarndanyangga, 2022” is one of a series of paintings depicting my immediate urban environment. As a daily habitual walker negotiating these spaces it is evident that they are in a process of continual change and disruption. I try within these paintings to utilise motifs as depicted here of a known/unknown monument undergoing restoration. The paint surfaces are also subtly distorted throughout the image showing areas which distort, blur, pixilate and shift focus. The effect I seek in the image is both familiar and uncanny.

 Daryl Austin (b.1964) has worked in Australia as a painter and educator for the past 30 years. 

He is a senior lecturer in painting at the Adelaide Central School of Art.

More of his work can be seen here  www.darylaustin.com  or via instagram at darylaustin6

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