Picture This: French Artist, France Mitrofanoff presents ‘The Journey’ for ArtMuseLondon

The Journey by France Mitrofanoff

The forest is up ahead.

I stride across the clearing of bright sunlight and plunge into the dark undergrowth. Brushing away the leaves of tender green and earthy brown, I rediscover the path running diagonally through the vegetation.

The flowers and grasses bend to the wind. The wind follows the sweeping movement of my paintbrush. The white paint I have dipped it in, sprinkles down over the grasses at my feet.

I stare ahead now and wonder where this path will lead? This is the adventure I’ve been waiting for, where the unexpected lies around every corner.

Bio : France Mitrofanoff has exhibited in museums and galleries world-wide. In 2001, a retrospective of her work was shown in the National Museum of Pekin. 

France has two studios – one in the ‘Frigos’ in Paris and the other in the village of Lussan, Gard.

Site : https://www.francemitrofanoff.fr

Film : https://youtu.be/lZRltvnGaTQ

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